Does Your Building Work For You?

John Russell – Friday, June 28, 2017

Transport Links  Parking  Proximity to Clients and Suppliers Can fit in enough desks and PCs….but does your building work for you?
When looking for new office space companies often put their search criteria emphasis on the size they will need to ‘fit-in’ their people without assessing whether the space complements the way in which they work.Awarded the Glasgow Institute of Architects Design Award, the purpose built Wright Business Centre provides state of the art serviced office accommodation that provides a flexible working environment. The Centre’s main atrium and various breakout hubs support collaborative ways for people interact, conduct impromptu meetings and simply sit away from their desk.Meeting rooms are bookable by the hour, providing tenants with the facility when needed without the continual expense

The onsite cafe provides full catering services and the private walled garden is the perfect place for an al fresco meeting or perhaps just a coffee break in the sun!All aspect of facilities management are taken care of by the on site management allowing tenants to concentrate on their core business needs.Whatever your ways of working are the Wright Business Centre would work for you.


A happy office is a productive office.

John Russell – Tuesday, March 26, 2017

“There is little success where there is little laughter”Andrew Carnegie A major captain of industry of the 19th century, this great Scottish philanthropist who was known as the ‘richest man in the world’, knew a thing or two when it came to success in the workplace.There was a time that the sound of laughter within the office was considered a sign that serious work was not getting done.

Nowadays most employers realise that a happy employee is a more productive employee and a more productive workplace leads to greater success!The physical act of laughing can trigger an increase in endorphins and watching someone laugh can be infectious, it’s the one thing you want to spread round the office! A little light hearted humour can be used not only as an ice breaker but can be used to diffuse conflict, decrease stress and create a positive link within groups.We form bonds with those we laugh with, with being the operative word. Laughing at a colleague in a negative way can be isolating so make sure your laughter is all inclusive. Being part of a coherent team can increase job satisfaction and make you look forward to going to work. Creating a positive team spirit can be an excellent motivational booster and team building activities can be a great platform to build goals on .Why not make your next team building event something to laugh about and visit the Glasgow Comedy Festival.

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More than just an office…

Stuart Green – Thursday, May 03, 2017

Experts Conclude ‘Offices are much more than just a place to work.’
A company’s office space is a place that acts as a vital piece of the support structure of the business and can have a huge effect on shaping the culture, motivation and productivity of the business. Experts in the office space sector were recently asked by the Manchester Evening News to pitch in with their opinions about the kinds of challenges businesses face when moving from one office to another under the current market conditions, with the consensus being that offices aren’t just places to go in order to get work done.

“There’s simply more than just keeping the rain out when it comes to office space.” experts commented. “You need to provide an environment to your staff in order to allow them to function properly and efficiently in their roles, and the right office environment goes a long way towards achieving that goal; businesses are now keeping these needs in mind as much as they are keeping a close eye on the costs of an office space rental.”

“When choosing an office with services and local amenities it’s important to find a space that will provide a cost-effective place to conduct business and that will support the cultural identity of a given company.” experts added. The least expensive option isn’t always the best one, even though economic pressures place an inordinate amount of weight on that particular factor, but business owners and office managers are rapidly learning that an office accommodation that ticks all the boxes – and not just one – lead to demonstrable business growth.


Finding an office is difficult – Really difficult!

Stuart Green – Thursday, May 03, 2017

Finding the right office space for both yourself and your company’s needs, can be difficult.
There is lots to consider; parking, location, cost, size, services, local amenities, transport links – did I mention cost? Given the current economic climate, for millions of businesses all over the world, saving money is a top priority. It’s a difficult decision and perhaps there is never the ideal place to locate your business. That’s because you don’t know if your company will grow or shrink in the coming years.

That’s why serviced offices with flexible terms and, more importantly flexible-space, can really make perfect sense. You’re not tied-in to a long lease or a long-term commercial mortgage.

So – Where do you want to be? With fierce competition between companies for space in the city centre, smaller businesses may find this a struggle and so the rental of office space on the outskirts of Glasgow is always worth considering.

You’ll also have the peace of mind of letting someone else worry about the heating, internet connection, building maintenance, toilet paper stocks and all the other million and one minor distractions maintaining an office requires. You simply focus on what you do best – running a successful business. If your company has had to downsize and most of your employees are able to work either from home or from smaller offices, it is still possible for you to be able conduct meetings in an office space in Glasgow which will appear spacious and professional. Virtual offices offer professional business addresses, even if you do not own one.However, having a actual office space Glasgow is often more preferable and easier for some businesses. We have many options available to suit every budget, so whatever the economic climate you can still choose an office space in Glasgow which will be able to suit both you and your company’s needs perfectly.